Multiwall Paper Bags

We manufacture Multiwall paper bags that are used for packing of tea, spices, flour, guar gum, chemicals and other materials. These bags are made according to given size, with or without gusset, with upto four color flexographic printing. The paper used is high grade ESKP & bags are made in 2 to 7 plies of paper.

These bags are -

    • Durable
    • Leak proof
    • Preserve freshness
    • Reduce Infestation
    • Resist moisture
    • Lock in odors
    • Reduce or eliminate chemical preservatives


Different styles of Multiwall Paper Bags –

Technical Specifications

Width 12” to 26”
Length As specified by customer 
Color Normally Brown or White
Capacity As specified by customer 
Printing Single color to 4 color printing
Paper / Poly Liner Optional
No pf plies 2 to 7 plies

This is Multi-wall Paper Sack, which is sewn or pasted at one end and open at the other. The open top can be closed after filling by gluing or sewing.
This Multi-wall Paper Sack is pasted or glued at both ends and fitted with a self-closing valve. The valve seals automatically after filling. This Sack can be sewn at one or both ends.
A Sack or Bag has face (width), gusset and length. Face or width refers to the two large areas of the Sack or Bag; gusset refers to the two narrow sides of the Sack; length refers to the height of the Sack when standing, and for the pasted type, gusset refers to the bottom side of the Sack.